LLT marks a high-pri link of a peer node as "troubled", if it does not receive any packet on that link for this timer interval. Once a link is marked as "troubled", LLT will not send any data on that link till the link is up. In some circumstances, when the private networks links are very slow or nodes in the cluster are very busy, increase the value. Increase the value for planned replacement of faulty network cable /faulty switch. To increase the value of peertrouble run: # lltconfig Read more...

This example will show an ASCII progress bar with information about speed of the I/O. When dd will finish it will keep showing the results.

# dd if=/dev/urandom | pv | dd of=/dev/null


below example will use a nice dialog with the message between quotes

# (pv -n /dev/uramdom | dd of=/dev/null bs=128M) 2>&1 | dialog --gauge "Running dd command (cloning), please wait..." 10 70 0