Solaris knowledge

Reason for the lock failure: Because of the sudden ungraceful shutdown of the database, file locks on data files were not released by the NFS server (ZFS SA in this case). NFS server held on to the file locks even after the NFS client (DB server node in this example) was restarted. Due to this, Oracle RDBMS is not able to lock those data files residing on NFS server (ZFS SA). As a result, database instance was failed to start up in exclusive mode. Workaround Manually clear the NFS locks Read more...
Corrupt services repository (SMF) =============================================================================== Symptoms --------------------------------------- Comands 'svcs -a', 'svcs -x' or 'pkg' show errors like these: - UnknownSysrepoConfiguration - repository server unavailable Examples: root@host:/root# svcs -a svcs: Could not bind to repository server: repository server unavailable.  Exiting. root@host:/root# pkg publisher Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/bin/pkg", Read more...

Running xterm over SSH with a DISPLAY parameter correctly set can show an error for the Drawable.

# xterm
X Error of failed request: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)
 Major opcode of failed request: 55 (X_CreateGC)
 Resource id in failed request: 0x5a
 Serial number of failed request: 3
 Current serial number in output stream: 4

To solve it add or uncoment in ssh_config

ForwardX11 yes
ForwardX11Trusted yes

And restart the SSHD service.

To create a new PKEY on the switch: [root@ibswitch-ibs ~]# getmaster Local SM enabled and running, state MASTER 20170422 18:00:33 Master SubnetManager on sm lid 1 sm guid 0x10e04071a7a0a0 : SUN DCS 36P QDR ibswitch-ibs [root@ibswitch-ibs ~]# smpartition start [root@ibswitch-ibs ~]# smpartition create -n test -pkey 0x0550 -flag ipoib -m full To remove PKEY on IB switch: [root@ibswitch-ibs ~]# smpartition start [root@ibswitch-ibs ~]# smpartition remove -n test  -port 0010E000656432BD-> Read more...
Before a physical system can be migrated, any existing non-global zones on the system must be archived and moved into zones on the new target system first. How to Migrate an Existing native Non-Global Zone Use the V2V process to migrate an existing zone on your Solaris 10 system to a solaris10 brand zone on a system running the Oracle Solaris 11 release. Print the existing zone's configuration. You will need this information to recreate the zone on the destination system: source# zonecfg Read more...